The record for most wins in a Serie A season

07:54 | 23/12/2022

Below is a list of the teams with the most wins in a season in Serie A. Accordingly, giants Juventus still have no opponent.

1. Juventus (33 matches in 2013-14 season)

In Antonio Conte's final season in office, Juventus still maintains a dominant strength. Juventus won the Serie A title with a record number of points.

In addition, Conte's team also won 33 matches in the 2013-14 season, also an unprecedented achievement.


2. Inter Milan (30 games 2006-07 season)

When Juventus was relegated due to the match-fixing scandal, Inter Milan took advantage of the opportunity to dominate Serie A. They won 97 points after 38 rounds, winning the Scudetto with dignity.

There, Inter set the record for the longest consecutive winning streak in Serie A with 17 matches. Besides, the Nerazzurri also have 30 wins after 38 matches this season, the second most in history.


2. Juventus (30 games 2017-18 season)

The same 30 wins in a Serie A season as Inter Milan in the 2006-07 season is Juventus in the 2017-18 season. They also won the championship with a stellar 95 score.


4. Juventus (29 matches in 2015-16 season)

Still in its heyday, Juventus was crowned in Serie A with a score of 91. It is worth mentioning that until the 8th round, the Bianconeri were still only ranked 14th. It was not until the 25th round that they rose to the top of the rankings. first time.

But the spectacular sprint in the second half of the season helped Juventus go straight to the championship. The better the kick, the better, the Bianconeri hit the mark of 29 victories in the 2015-16 season.


4. Juventus (29 matches in 2016-17 season)

The 2016-17 season was much quieter for Juventus. Also got 91 points but the Bianconeri's start was great they led from round 3 to the end of the tournament.

Different in development, but Juventus had the final championship. They also have the same winning number of 29 as the previous season and are all under Max Allegri.


4. Torino (29 games in the 1947–48 season)

Torino season 1947–48 was a completely different case from the rest of the teams on this list. They are the previous generation, since Serie A has 40 matches left and stipulates 2 points for 1 victory point.

That year, Torino with the duo Valentino Mazzola and Guglielmo Gabetto scored 125 goals in 40 matches, or an average of more than 3 goals per game. They continued to assert their dominance in Serie A with their fifth championship in the 1940s.