Everton appoint 'Jose Mourinho England' as new coach

04:32 | 31/01/2023

After sacking Frank Lampard for poor performance, Everton has a new captain for the team - Sean Dyche, former Burnley manager.

Frank Lampard was sacked by Everton for poor performance

This year's season is going in a direction that is not really positive for Everton.


The Merseyside team appointed Frank Lampard in early 2022 to escape the relegation race.

The fact is that Everton as well as coach Frank Lampard have achieved their goals when they finished safely last season.

However, up to now, Everton has really been in jeopardy under the direction of coach Frank Lampard.

35 points after the last 38 matches is a bad achievement, which makes Everton 19th in the Premier League table with only 15 points after 21 rounds, 2 points behind the safety group. 

Therefore, Everton was forced to fire coach Frank Lampard to save the situation.


Sean Dyche was selected to help Everton overcome the crisis

Frank Lampard's replacement has been identified. It's a familiar coach in the Premier League, Sean Dyche - former Burnley coach and dubbed "England's Mourinho" by the British press.

At the inauguration, Sean Dyche said: "It's an honor to be the manager of Everton. My team and I are happy to help get this team back on track. I love the passionate fans and the atmosphere at Everton."

It is known that coach Marcelo Bielsa is Everton's first choice after sacking Frank Lampard.

However, the former Leeds United manager only wants to be in charge of the Everton U21 team, and the first team of Everton will be taken over by his assistant. Therefore, Everton and coach Bielsa could not find a common voice.

Sean Dyche emerged as the manager of Burnley for nearly 10 years until he was sacked in 2022.


The English strategist turned Burnley into one of the most annoying teams in the English Premier League.

After taking over at Everton, Sean Dyche will have a difficult start when he has to face Arsenal in the 22nd round of the English Premier League.